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Why Become a Dog Walker/Sitter with Cuddlytails


Lots of Love & Money

You love dogs? Make money doing it!


Choose your hours to walk or sit the dogs


For each walk/sit, CuddlyTails supports Dog Rescue, so you are contributing to the greater good

Become a Sitter Application Process

Tell us what excites you to be a dog sitter or walker. Become a part of the Cuddlytails pet community in your neighborhood. To ensure that its a good fit for our Cuddlytails pet community to provide walking and sitting services to the neighbors, we have an application process.

Share Your Experience with Dogs

Create your profile and let us know how much you know about dogs, dogs behavior in various situations, and how you will handle them. Pass the assessment test and get the results immediately

Become a Part of Cuddlytails

Complete your background verification as part of the application process. Get a welcome email from Cuddlytails - You are all set!!!!

Start Getting Booking Requests & Get Paid

You start getting requests from the pet owners as soon as your profile is approved. Accept the requests when you are free to spend time with furry babies. You have the flexibility to accept or deny requests based on your schedule.

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