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Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

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Overwhelming care, superior quality, solid trust, and effective communication – these things define Cuddlytails. Revolutionizing the pet boarding and pet sitting industry, Cuddlytails puts pets and their owners above everything. When you book your dog sitter/walker through Cuddlytails, you are not only selecting an inexpensive service, but also a trustful one.

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You can find highly-skilled, compassionate, and respectful professionals who offer dog sitting, dog walking, dog boarding, and dog daycare services in your neighborhood through Cuddlytails. Other than these trailblazing services, Cuddlytails grants you the feature to track your fur baby’s real-time location whenever you want and connect with the dog sitter/walker any time of the day. After the completion of service, you also receive an elaborate report card explaining every detail about the stay.

pet sitting new york
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Whether you have to leave for a sudden business trip overseas, go on a night out, or you are preoccupied in an emergency, you can book your dog sitter from Cuddlytails and be assured that everything is handled in your absence – all with utmost love and care. Whatever your dog admires and desires, Cuddlytails provides, incessantly.

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