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Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

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None of the pet parents want to leave their fur baby in someone else’s hand, but there are times when you have to, but why settle for expensive (and often low-quality) dog boardings when you have Cuddlytails. Cuddlytails connects pet parents with carefully trained dog sitters and walkers, ensuring high-quality and relatively inexpensive dog care service.

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With Cudllytails, not only you’ll receive quality dog sitting, dog daycare, and dog walking services, not only your dog would get the best-level care, but also you can track real-time location of your pet and communicate with the dog care expert anytime you want.

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Besides all these trailblazing features, Cuddlytails’ most powerful weapon is the affection we have for pets. We understand pets deeply, we know the pet language and can communicate with them, and we know everything there is to know about pets – these are the reasons why we can provide top-notch service. If you are out on an emergency, leaving for a sudden business trip, or just want to spend some alone time, book your pet boarding or pet sitting service from Cuddlytails and get yourself going, carelessly yet carefully.

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