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Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

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Dog Boarding in Fontana,CA

A small puppy or a kitten is the best company if you are staying alone, but with the hectic work life today it is really tough to be with them always. Now in Fontana California with the CuddlyTails app it will be easier for the pet parents to care for the pets. We will connect you to different services and the sitters and carer’s who would be supporting you in taking care of the pets. Try dog boarding, where for a night you can keep your dog or cat with a pet sitter who would be taking care of them in your absence.

Pet Sitter in Fontana,CA

Make the dog sitting experience of your own dog much fun with the CuddlyTails app where you instantly get connected to a sitter in your vicinity and they will be there in your house at the given time. Just instruct them all the needful things needed by your pet and they would be fully keeping it in mind. The safety of your dog will also be taken care of, as from time to time you will get picture updates and have video chats with the sitter to know the activities of your pet back home.

Fontana Pet Sitting Cuddlytails
Doggy Day Care Fontana Cuddlytails

Doggy DayCare in Fontana,CA

Doggy DayCare in Fontana,CA- The carer is always there to help you care for your dog or cat, yes with our app, you can easily connect for doggy day care service and have a day off from all responsibilities and have some time with yourself. The carer would be with your pet for the day taking care of all the needful daily regimes. Also they would see that your furry kid feels safe and freidnl;y with them, being dog lovers the dog care by the carers would be more compassionate.

Dog Walkers in Fontana,CA

Dog walkers are known to be the best friend for the dogs, yes so now you can get a friend for your furry baby through our app for the dog walking service.firstly get connected to a walker near your house and they would be taking your dog for regular strolls in the nearby dog parks. It will also be easy for you to track your pet’s movement while in walk through the live tracker on by the walker. So safety would be fully covered.

Cuddlytails Dog Walking Fontana
Pet Check in Cuddlytails Fontana

Pet CheckIn in Fontana,CA

There are various good dog day check-in facilities in your own neighborhood, why not keep your dog with them during the day while you are at the office? This way they would not be alone at home. We will get you booking through our app. Just drop your baby and pick them in the evening.

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