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Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Dog Boarding Antioch,CA

Dog Boarding in Antioch,CA

Struggling to balance between your job and your precious pet? Worried about how to provide an enjoyable boarding experience for your paw-friends that stimulates their energetic nature and constant need for nurturing? Well, if you are in Antioch, California, you can put your worries to rest. We at Cuddlytails bring good news for all the paw-parents in Antioch. Cuddlytails is a dedicated app for pet services that helps you connect to comprehensive boarding services for your pet. It helps you track a pet-sitter in your vicinity, ones with complete verification for your pet safety and manage the pet boarding arrangements for when you need it. The boarding arrangements can be flexible per your needs, be it for a few hours or a few days. Cuddlytails got it covered for both you and your pet. The best part? When you get back home, you are welcomed by a refreshed and happy dog or a cat instead of a grumpy one.

Pet Sitter in Antioch,CA

Cuddlytails understands that need for pet services can be as varied as the breeds of dogs and cats. Hence it also offers pet sitting services in your area. The service has a simple rule, always go for a pet sitter who has both love for pets as well as a professional aptitude for the job. Therefore, all Cuddlytails sitters are licenced and experienced. At the scheduled time, the pet sitters from Cuddlytails will arrive at your and your pet’s home and stay there as long as you need them to stay. You can meet the pet sitter, share instructions on their unique needs for food and care and can even share the little tips to manage your pets and keep them happy. Cuddlytails understand your need to check up on your pets when you are away and can have the pet sitter stay connected with you via video calls so that you don’t have to miss the cute moments.

Pet Sitter Antioch,CA
Dog Walker Antioch,CA

Dog Walker in Antioch,CA

Dogs are athletic creatures, and they are in constant need to expend their energy in constructive ways. Nothing better than a long walk for your dogs, then, ones that help them socialize as well as get that much-needed exercise. Cuddlytails, always tuned into the needs of dogs and their parents, understand that it may not always be possible for you to go on that hour-long walk with your dog. But even if you can’t, you can ensure that your dogs do not have to miss a walk ever. Cuddlytails dog walking service gets you a walker from your own neighbourhood areas. Now that walk to the Markley Creek Dog Park, which you have promised your pooch, can be planned as early as tomorrow. We also keep the dogs linked with a live tracker for the most advanced safety and security needs, and you can constantly monitor your dog's whereabouts while they jog merrily over the length and breadth of the local parks.

Dog Daycare in Antioch,CA

Dog Daycare in Antioch,CA- Do you ever worry about your dog’s mental stimulation and social life? It is a valid concern, one that has an easy answer in Cuddlytails pet daycare service. Here your dog is going to get to meet other dogs, play to their heart’s content and develop the trust that comes from real and unconditional friendship. Just go on the CuudlyTails app and schedule a daycare service. Our caregiver will pick up your dogs, and you can take this opportunity to explain your dog's needs and nature so that the caregiver is prepared to ensure a good day for the good boy. Just like a daycare for a kid, CuddlyTails daycare is a fully equipped service that will make your dog socialize with other furry friends, take them on a walk along and keep those curious minds engaged in creative games.

Dog Daycare Antioch,CA

Pet Checkin in Antioch,CA

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