House Sitting Tallahassee, FL


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

House Sitting Tallahassee, FL

House Sitting Tallahassee, FL

House Sitting in Tallahassee, FL- When you first start looking at the entry options at Cuddlytails, you'll soon find that it's usually not a home you need to think about - your responsibility is actually with the pet. Of course, cuddly owners expect someone to take care of their home, but most of all they want your love and undivided attention to take care of their beloved pet or perhaps their prized plant. It is important to understand this and consider the implications of this responsibility before embarking on an adventure. And maybe there are other sitting positions around the house that aren't right for you. Staying at home is very different from staying in a hotel. You are always surrounded by other travelers. It's also different from other volunteer opportunities where your host and even other volunteers show up during meals and evenings. If you are traveling alone and want to socialize and make friends, working from home may not be the ideal volunteer option.

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