Dog Walkers South Gate, CA


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Dog Walkers South Gate, CA

Dog Walkers South Gate, CA

Dog Walkers in South Gate, CA- A good dog walking service by Cuddly Tails will also ask you questions about precisely what you want, your likes and dislikes -- and the largest part of all, your dog. Make sure they ask you about your dog’s temperament and about fitness issues which may be applicable. If they take notes, that's a fine thing! A good dog walking service will maintain information about your dog on file, including medical records, much loved treats, command words, things to look out for, vets information etc. If they don't look as if interested in any of this information then it's almost certainly a good idea to pick another service. Be sure to get the whole thing out in the open regarding costs and fees. Double-check you're both on the same page regarding rates and regularity of payment, about any hidden or complementary fees (many dog walking services have an add-on for early daybreak, late afternoon and weekend walks), about their range of accessibility (do they cover late afternoons or weekends?)

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