Dog Boarding Oklahoma City, OK


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Dog boarding cuddlytails Oklahoma City

Dog Boarding Oklahoma City, OK

Dog Boarding in Oklahoma City, OK- In Oklahoma City, OK, we have a wide variety of animal boarding facilities. Our pet sitters are well trained to stay healthy and follow a routine to help you maintain a healthy routine. Cuddlytails Stories offers a variety of grooming profiles. Our app helps you find the best boarding and pet care options for your pet. The handler will take care of your dog while you rest. Ask for a sitter before you leave, and be prepared for them to come, so your dog recognizes the sitter as a safe person. This will allow your dog to observe your calm and friendly demeanor with new people who will soon share a room and trust you. They will take care of him and protect him when you are away. Cuddlytails' unique app offers a unique boarding service so every pet owner can have a daily boarding service right next to them. The companion will accompany your dog or cat as if you were at home, paying attention to everything and giving you a preferred itinerary for the day. Instead, you judge your activism in front of your family or colleagues.


Cuddlytails provides pet parents with verified dog walkers residing in Oklahoma itself through its app, where the walker can be accessed at any given time and with the permission of the parents, take the dog to some of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma’s finest pet friendly areas such as Edmond Dog Park, Deep Deuce Dog Park and Midtown MUTTS dog park for long walks stimulating your pets mental and physical growth!

Oklahoma City dog walking cuddlytails
doggy day care Oklahoma City cuddlytails

Dog Daycare in Oklahoma City, OK

Cuddlytails provides pet owners residing in Oklahoma the availability of a sitter to take care of your pet for the day as you wish and follows the instructions given by you and ensures your pet spends the day exactly how it usually would when you’re around while receiving love and affection.


As the pet sitters will be from your vicinity itself, this provides you with a cheaper and more viable option as well, they would be one click away on the app and would be willing to babysit your dog for as long as required for a decent amount of fees.

Oklahoma City pet sitting cuddlytails
Oklahoma City pet check in cuddlytails


Cuddlytails also provides the facility of a day check in where pet parents can check their dogs in at a given time if they are busy, and can pick their pets up once they’re done to take them home!

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