House Sitting Town 'N' Country, FL


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

House Sitting Town 'N' Country, FL

House Sitting Town 'N' Country, FL

House Sitting in Town 'N' Country, FL- If you need to go on holiday or away for a long period of time and a pet sitter is not a practical arrangement for you, you might want to consider placing your dog into kennels for that time. When you leave your dog at a kennel, the fees will cover all food, board and walks. Take a look at the kennels beforehand: how happy do the other dogs look? Is there enough space for each dog to roam? Once again, fees can differ widely so do your research carefully. House sitters by Cuddly Tails are trained to not just take care of your pet, but also to train them for obedience and good behavior in a highly professional way. If your dog is showing signs of bad conduct or is difficult to train, then maybe a dog trainer can help you. Options include leaving your dog with a trainer for them to work with, or taking a course with your dog so you both can learn from the experience.

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