Cat Boarding Tamarac, FL


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Cat Boarding Tamarac, FL

Cat Boarding Tamarac, FL

Cat Boarding in Tamarac,FL- Be particularly gentle with older or elderly cats. Their arthritis can get worse in the winter. Stay close with them when they are going down stairs as they may slip and fall. They may be a bit more awkward and uneasy when they are outside. In the winter they may need help getting up on their favorite couch or chair. Make sure they have a nice cozy bed. A heated cat bed would be a great idea. You may have trouble getting them out of bed in the morning. If you have a cat that goes outside be careful with starting your vehicle as cats like to curl up in warm engines. A good thing to do is bang on the hood of your vehicle so any cats hidden there will jump out. If a cat is on your engine and you start it, the cat will be injured or killed. A good idea if you can get a cat boarder by Cuddlytails, your cat to let you do this, put a warm little sweater on them.

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