Dog Daycare Greeley, CO


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Dog Boarding Greeley,CO

Dog Boarding in Greeley,CO

With your domestic pets, you have done a marvellous job by creating a secure and pet-friendly ambience in your own home that your pet dogs and cats cherish more than anything else. No wonder then that you worry if they need a boarding service while you are busy elsewhere. For such picky pet parents as yourself, who don’t want to compromise on the quality of boarding facility for their beloved pets, we at Cuddlytails offer specialised pet boarding services in Greeley, CO, that prioritize pet comforts and care to match that of your own home. You can reserve the service at a hat drop in our app, and we will provide you with a pet sitter to pick up your pets to enjoy our boarding service. We also understand that there are specific needs of pets that only the dedicated pet parents know best. Hence our pet sitter will take note of your instructions and suggestions to tailor our services for the best fitment to your pet’s needs.

Pet Sitter in Greeley,CO

If you book the pet sitting services from Cuddlytails, you won't have to fret about the comfort and safety of your pets ever. Cuddlytails have pet sitter services that only allow a pet sitter if they have a proven track record of capability in handling pets of various temperament. And once booked, these pet sitters would be at your place to guard your pet dogs and cats, but along with guarding and keeping a watch, our pet sitters will also play with your pets, entertain them and keep them exercised and well-oiled while you are away. They will lend all their knowledge and experience of pet management to keep your pet satisfied and happy. They will immerse themselves in your pet’s world and make friends fast. And while both the pet sitter and your pet are enjoying a jolly good time, they will share the moments for your viewing pleasure by video and chats.

Pet Sitter Greeley,CO
Dog Walker Greeley,CO

Dog Walker in Greeley,CO

If you are one of the pet parents who treasure the well-being of your dog, you truly understand the significance of a brisk walk for your dog. Uninterrupted and focussed walk sessions do wonders for the health of your dog, be it keeping diabetes at bay or making digestion easier and regular; walking has many health benefits. Moreover, mentally, dogs get to explore new sights and smells as a pleasing stimulant as they are naturally curious and investigative by instincts. At Cuddlytails, the pet walking service is not only physically boosting but also mentally nurturing because we treat these walk opportunities as sessions on interactive behaviour with passersby or other dogs, as training occasions on how to follow commands and avoid certain spaces and above all a bonding occasion between our pet walkers, who love dogs and your dogs. You can also be a part of these from your home via the live tracker systems. And our dog walkers will return your dog's home with a clean underbelly and clean and well-massaged paws so that you don’t have to.

Dog Daycare in Greeley,CO

Dog Daycare in Greeley,CO- Just like a child discovers the bigger world in a crèche from within the cocoons of safety and comfort, a dog discovers friends and packs and learns how to navigate the world at a dog daycare. At Cuddlytails, the dog daycare service is designed to offer a comfortable home-like ambience that keeps your pooch calm yet challenge them to exercise their muscle, both physical and mental, through various play-teaching methods like obstacle running etc. The Cuddlytails dog daycare service is a crown jewel that offers the best dog handlers, the best learning modules and the best experience for your dog. When you book the dog daycare service, we will send a pickup service to fetch your dog. You don’t need to pack your dog's luggage, as we at Cuddlytails, have a range of toys and snacks to keep your dogs pleased. The novelty of the dog daycare service at Cuddlytails lies in our dedicated professional dog handlers who conduct their duty with a lot of love, care and aspirations for your dog's future.

Dog Daycare Greeley,CO

Pet Checkin in Greeley,CO

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