Cat Sitting Pomona, CA


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Cat Sitting Pomona, CA

Cat Sitting Pomona, CA

Cat Sitting in Pomona, CA- We are vigilant and watch for warning signs of feline behavior and health problems that your friends, neighbors, or guests may not notice. We will notify you immediately of any behavior, appetite, or litter box activity changes. Search, scroll and find profiles of verified cat sitters just like yours. You can also filter by rating, experience, and availability to find and search for cat sitters near you. Your cat should be safe and happy when you are not around. The longer the answer, the bigger the difference. We recommend interviewing your boss first to find the right candidate. Make a list of your cat's needs and make sure the groomer can meet them. For example, take medicine twice a day, play together for an hour or two, or put the cat to sleep. Write down instructions for a cat sitter to look after the cat you want.

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