Cat Boarding Lake Elsinore, CA


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Cat Boarding Lake Elsinore, CA

Cat Boarding Lake Elsinore, CA

Cat Boarding in Lake Elsinore,CA- Are they certified, bonded and insured? What does that mean? At what time someone is certified, it means they have a business license as a professional cat boarding service. When a cat boarding company like Cuddlytails is bonded it protects you from being a victim of theft, and for instance, if one of their employees or independent contractors where to steal something, the bond insures that you will be compensated for that carelessness. At what time a company has legal responsibility insurance they are covered to handle any major mishaps that may turn out; such as damage to the residence or a pet getting lost or hurt due to carelessness. What is imperative to be aware of with regard to liability is it is for disastrous incidents.

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