Dog Sitters Wellington, FL


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Dog Sitters Wellington, FL

Dog Sitters Wellington, FL

Dog Sitters in Wellington, FL- Doggies sitting by Cuddlytails should also have adequate fencing heights. You don't want your beloved pet to jump the fence and get into trouble on the outside. Therefore, ask how high the fences are in the outside exercise area and check them out for yourself so that you can see the height and also the condition of the fencing. Doggie daycare facilities such as other daycare establishments most likely will have cleaning supplies in the building somewhere. Make sure that they are stored away safely as these can be hazardous to your pet should they come in contact with these products. Also, inquire into who monitors the pets and how often they do so. For example, is someone with the dogs at all times or are they left alone for any period of time? You want to be certain that your dog is looked after properly and fully.

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