Dog Daycare Temple, TX


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Dog Daycare Temple, TX

Dog Daycare Temple, TX

Dog Daycare in Temple, TX- To be a happy dog you need a socialized dog that is happy in his own skin and happy in the pack. However, in domesticated dogs, especially those that have been domesticated since childhood, this integration into the group does not come naturally. We offer dog daycare at Cuddlytails to bring these puppies back to their natural instincts and make them friendlier to other dogs. It is a necessary step in the natural development of dogs and in acquiring the pack into which they were born. If your dog's healthy development and well-being are important to you, you can use this service and provide your dog with proper socialization. Our dog daycare is professionally maintained and will keep your dog on a leash while an aggressive pup seeks out a dominant group. In this way, domestic dogs can also enjoy their time in the pack, which creates a natural friendliness and a homely feel-good atmosphere.

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