Dog Sitters Palm Harbor, FL


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Dog Sitters Palm Harbor, FL

Dog Sitters Palm Harbor, FL

Dog Sitters in Palm Harbor, FL- You may choose to have a form of doggie sitting by Cuddlytails in your home. This is when you will have someone go to your home once or more times a day to check on your furry friend. They will make sure your dog is ok and staying out of mischief. Check the dog's food and water and give any medications if needed. Perhaps spend some time playing with your dog and maybe taking them for a short walk. If your dog has special needs you may be able to work a plan with your dog sitter service provider to take your dog to vet appointments or therapy. Some locations may include kennels for some quiet time in addition to a fenced yard for free play. Ask if there is any breed or temperament restriction. You do not want to be putting your dog at risk.

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