Cat Boarding University CDP, FL


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Cat Boarding University CDP, FL

Cat Boarding University CDP, FL

Cat Boarding in University CDP,FL- If your cat is an inside pet, provide her own sleeping area with a nice quality dog bed. Keep their toys and bowl in this area of your house so they have all their things in one place, their own little territory. This way they will be less likely to jump on the couch or bed. If your cat is an outside pet, provide them shelter with a pet house of some kind. This protects them from the weather conditions and keeps them happy. Clean your pet’s house and bedding weekly to avoid bugs and flea problems. Making it a part of your exercise program is always a nice way to approach it. Some cats like to run and run. Some like short walks down the block. Most big cats want long walking and running activities. If you live by the beach, you have no excuse, pets get a great workout running across miles of sand and so do you.

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