Dog Walkers Wellington, FL


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Dog Walkers Wellington, FL

Dog Walkers Wellington, FL

Dog Walkers in Wellington, FL- You must also ask about what happens should your pet get sick or any other emergency arise involving your beloved dog. Will they call you first or take your pet right to the veterinarian? Also, do they have a vet on site? Make sure that you fully understand what happens in the event of any potential emergency arising. All of these dog walking safety tips will allow you to rest easily by sending your dog to a dog walker by Cuddly Tails on a daily basis. As harsh temperatures and dry air take a toll on your hands and face, your pet's skin is vulnerable to the winter weather too. Your dog's skin can become chapped and cracked and raw as a result of those bone-chilling wintry blasts. At this time of year, it is important to pay particular attention to your dog's skin care needs.

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