Cat Boarding The Villages, FL


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Cat Boarding The Villages, FL

Cat Boarding The Villages, FL

Cat Boarding in The Villages,FL- A local independent cat boarder by Cuddlytails who works alone is almost guaranteed to build a close relationship with your cat and you are likely to build a friendly relationship with them yourself, which brings familiarity and peace of mind. The disadvantage is that lone walkers rarely have anyone to provide a back up should they become sick or take a vacation. Establish an ideal schedule, then be prepared to compromise. Let's face it, the vast majority of cat owners would prefer their dog to be walked around the middle of the day, which generally means between 11am and 3pm in the cat boarding business. This means that midday time slots are in great demand and it's unlikely that you'll find someone who can promise your ideal schedule. Be prepared to compromise with a leeway of around an hour either side of your ideal.

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