Dog Walkers Lexington, KY


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Cuddlytails Dog Walking Lexington

Dog Walkers Lexington, KY

Dog Walkers in Lexington, KY- Owning a dog is a great feeling, but it comes with the responsibility to ensure great health and well-being for the dog. Many proud dog parents walk an extra mile to inculcate healthy habits in their canine friends, most importantly the habit of a daily walk. When a dog walks, it enriches them both mentally and physically and helps to keep many ailments at bay. But many dog parents also struggle to get a dog walker who meets their requirements and conditions. Here in Lexington, KY, Cuddlytails offers a service where you can get the best of dog walkers. Our dog walkers are registered dog handlers which means if there is any “accidents or confrontation on the walk, they will be able to successfully keep the situation under control with a positive ending for all parties involved. They also conduct other duties like playing, training and navigating the lay of the land. It also comes with a live dog tracker that will allow you to keep up with your dog's walking journeys.

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