Cat Sitting Kellar, TX


Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.

Cat Sitting Kellar, TX

Cat Sitting Kellar, TX

Cat Sitting in Kellar, TX- The food to be given should be right for its age. Cooked eggs and lean meat can be added to the cat's food but it should not exceed 20 percent of his diet. A pet needs a lot of water so make sure that it is available anytime and make sure that water is changed at least twice a day. Cats need to have their teeth brushed regularly to prevent build up of tartar. An alternative to this is giving them rawhides to chew on. These will not only prevent tartar but will also make their breath fresh. Give him ample exercise. Regular walks should be given to him, how long or how far will depend on the pet's size. A fenced area big enough so he can play will complement the walks given. He should be able to rest or sleep on a bed that enables him to stretch and lie flat without having any part of his body hanging. Hire a cat sitter by Cuddlytails.

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