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Overnight care for your pet in your neighbor sitter's home.


CuddlyTails connects pet owners to verifiable dog sitters and walkers that are in their local area. Cuddlytails is the ideal place for those who love pets. The team at Cuddlytails is passionate about pets and is dedicated to provide top-quality pet services. The services offered include dog boarding pet sitting as well as dog walking as well as playgroups and daycare. Cuddlytails is the perfect solution for pet owners who are busy and makes their lives easier by providing trusted local dog walkers and verified sitters for their pets. Cuddlytails's team of expert pet sitters treats every pet with respect and respect. Cuddlytails has been serving pet owners in New York, New Jersey and Hoboken. With thousands of happy pet owners, we're increasing in popularity to become a trusted pet-friendly option for owners of your local area. Keep your pet happy and healthy by using Cuddlytails.

At Cuddlytails We give your pets the highest quality of care they need. Cuddlytails ' sitters are lifesavers for pet owners. We are reliable to provide the best services, including dog boarding pet sitting, dog walking as well as playgroups and daycare. Our confirmed dog walkers and dog sitters offer real-time updates about your dog's activity when you book any service. Cuddlytails lets pet owners monitor their dog's location in real-time via GPS and also receive a comprehensive report upon completion of the service. Enjoy and bring joy to your pet's life by booking Cuddlytails services!

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