s Five Signs To Never Ignore In Your Pet

Five Signs To Never Ignore In Your Pet

Five Signs To Never Ignore In Your Pet

  • 27 September, 2021
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As a pet parent, you wish to give your furry baby the best of health and happiness. Every day you come up with new methods to keep your dog happy and stress-free. However, as we know, your dog cannot tell you everything through his mouth when things don't feel alright. We are here to help you ensure your pet is living a happy and healthy life if you stay attentive and never miss out on observing these five signs in your pet mentioned below.

1. Your pet smells different

As your pet ages, it is expected that he may start to have a stinky breath. Any sudden change in your pet's odor can be a sign never to be missed. A rancid and lousy smell from your pet can be a symptom of ear or skin infection, dental disease, diabetes or kidney failure, and yeast or bacterial infection. If you smell a strong musky odor from your pet, take him to the veterinarian for a check-up.

2. Your pet is excessively thirsty

After enjoying playtime outdoors on a warm-weather day, it's normal for pets to consume an ample amount of water. But suppose you notice that your pet is repeatedly returning to his water bowl, pointing you to fill his water bowl, or is literally drinking any water around your house. In that case, you must take him to the vet as the experts say that when a dog is drinking an immoderate amount of water, it could be a symptom of kidney failure or diabetes and behavioral issues.

3. Your pet is excessively drooling

Breeds like boxers and saint Bernard drools excessively than others. But if you observe your dog drooling unusually, then it could be a symptom of dental problems, heatstroke, or your dog has unknowingly consumed something toxic. In such a situation, check if your dog has accidentally burned his mouth or not and consult the vet for help.

4. Your pet is acting different

If you notice any sudden change in your pet's behavior like silence, hyperactivity, fear, compulsiveness, aggressiveness, stress, or anxiety, then your dog is uncomfortable or going through something serious. He may ignore playing, eating, or drinking, would not come near you, or will never follow your command in such a situation. There are two reasons behind this either physical pain or mental pain. Dogs can show such behavioral change due to medical issues like heart disease, cancer, thyroid dysfunction, or pancreatitis. He may also have gone through something unpleasant like a trauma that leads to a change in his mindset and reacts this way.

5. Your pet is heavily panting

Dog's pants cool down their body temperature. It is normal to sweat and pant more after having a blast outdoors on a warm day. But if you notice your dog is heavily panting, taking deep and more prolonged breaths, then it could indicate signs of heatstroke, heart disease, and cancer. In such a situation, take your dog to the vet for a medical examination.

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